At A Southern Ceremony, we recognize this remarkable milestone in your lives as one that deserves an equally remarkable commitment and we take this responsibility very seriously. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of unconditional support, comfort and warmth, leaving you confident and relaxed throughout your engagement.We believe that you should have many months full of beautiful, personal memories that you will love and cherish forever, up to and including your wedding day! We cater to today's modern bride yet we believe in personalized service and attention and focus on exceeding expectations. 


we take great care to ensure a uniquely personal, extraordinary experience for you and your guests.. event that will be remembered for a lifetime


Our experienced team takes a proactive, hands on approach to everything we do, effortlessly managing your hundreds of wedding details and always acting as your advocates throughout the planning process. On your wedding day, we will act as your representatives and handle every tiny detail with your venue, vendors, wedding guests and family so that you can focus on one thing - enjoying each precious moment.


in short, it's all about you.